Our Story


At Wilder Bliss we are inspired by the simple laid back lifestyle of the beach, the mountains, and the wandering spirit that is bohemian in nature. We enjoy the outdoors, and find both inspiration and refuge in the ocean, the mountains, and any place where we are surrounded by the beauty of nature.


We are inspired by all things beautiful, and no greater beauty exists than what can be found in nature!


For this reason, our pieces may be fun and vibrant, or mellow and muted. We love to think about the experiences behind the piece.  How will customers wear this or use this, where, and in what adventure? From a beach vacation, to a mountain getaway, or hanging out at home. From the practical to the whimsy.


We also give a percentage of our profits to organizations that we believe are impacting our world for the better.  We believe we are part of a purpose greater than ourselves. We seek to have a lasting impact on individuals, our community, organizations, and our world. Simply put, when you give back, you get back! When you purchase from us, you are helping us give back!